Kurt Busiek’s Astro City: Confession

Guionista: Kurt Busiek
Dibuixant: Brent Eric Anderson
Entintat: Will Blyberg
Rotulació i disseny: Comicraft’s John Roshell
Colors: Alex Sinclair
Cobertes: Alex Ross
Pares de la Ciutat: Busiek, Anderson & Ross
Homage Comics, 1997 – 208 pàg.
BIB-ID 1554165292 – C BUS
+info (www) / consulteu disponibilitat (ARGUS)

Astro City After Dark…

The world of Astro City is an internationally-famous world of wonders – of noble superheroes and sinister villains. But the city has a darker face, one that’s only seen after sundown. And it’s that city – a city of shadows and monsters, where nothing is quite what it seems – that teenaged Brian Kinney encounters when he arrives in town with dreams of becoming a hero himself. To realize his dreams, he’ll have to learn to understand this dark city – or risk being lost forever in its shadows…

Also featuring the Eisner-Award-nominated short story, The Nearness of You.

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