Animal Man

Guió de Grant Morrison
Dibuixos de Chas Truog (caps. 1-8) i Tom Grummett (cap. 9)
DC Comics, 1991 – 240 pàg.
BIB-ID 1554178126 – C MOR
Més informació a la pàgina web de l’editor (enllaç)

«Animal Man is the chronicle of a sometimes zealous, sometimes uncertain animal rights activist. In the series’ most inspired single issue, “The Coyote Gospel”, a broken man journeys into the desert to slay a humanlike wolf-devil whom he blames for his terrible misfortune. What the man doesn’t know is, the wolf isn’t a wolf at all: He is… the bravest and saddest creature in the world. In fact, he’s… well, he’s the saviour of the modern world, and he is prepared to die endless horrible deaths for the sins of the violent world around him… and the in a brilliant moment of revelation… Morrison makes plain who is really behind all the killing and who really benefits from it.»
Mikal GilmoreRolling Stone

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